Recap - November 2016 Show

Fire Power Gun Show’s November 2016 show was a smashing success.

Below is a recap of the 3-day event.

  1. Attendance was awesome with a very large turn out Friday night.  Many vendors reported making more money that evening than they do in 2 or 3 days at other venues.  Attendees where so excited about the show we had to open the doors 45 minutes early. We have attributed the surge in traffic on Friday to the vehicle traffic count on Route 60.
  2. Saturday the show was packed ALL day long. Attendance was in the neighborhood of 3000 for just this one day.
  3. Surprisingly, Sunday saw a steady flow of traffic the entire day.
  4. Many of the vendors commented that they have never seen as many women at a show as they did at November’s promotion.
  5. Countless attendees acknowledged their appreciation of the venue and, in particular, the ample FREE parking.
  6. The Ozark 30oz Tumbler giveaway every 30 minutes was a big hit with the attendees.  The winner of the Yeti cooler was Cathy Neal.  Fire Power Gun Show will continue with the Ozark 30oz Tumbler giveaway, but during the December show we have replaced the Yeti Cooler with a drawing for a Smith and Wesson 380 Bodyguard and a Smith and Wesson Shield 9mm.  Each attendee will be able to register for one or the other.

Check out the YouTube video below of the action during the November show. 

Fire Power Gun Show Vendor Information

Thank you for your interest in renting one or more tables at the next FirePower GUN Show “West Virginia and the Tri-State’s largest show” selling/buying/trading Firearms, AMMO, Knives, Archery, Collectables, related merchandise and MORE. 

We own the building and the tables. Same location for every show and we DO NOT cancel shows. 

The building is more than an acre under roof with almost 400 vehicle parking. Vehicle traffic on (Route 60) in front of the building is 30,000 vehicles per day. 

Sales floor offers wide traffic isles and a floor plan with table layout designed for selling. For those vendors who want to rent four tables we have (18) 4 tables endcap booths (12) at the front of the high traffic main center isles. These are sold on a first come first pay basis.

The building has two loading docks and a pallet jack to off load heavier merchandise. 

Show management provides two wheelers, four wheel dollies and carts for Vendors us use to wheel their goods into and out of the show. 

FREE Wi-Fi and FREE Electric at each table. 

Exhibitors/Vendors call toll free 844-727-1100 for complete details and to register. If you want to stop by 6400 MacCorkle Ave SW to hand pick one or more tables and complete your registration for November Show call to schedule an appointment. 

Or Email:

The FirePower Team
David Workman, Gabriel Gibbs, W.T. Ellis

Additional Information

FirePower GUN Show is a three day event

FRI 3 PM to 8 PM | SAT 9 AM to 6 PM | SUN 9 AM to 4 PM 

Exhibitors Check-In & Setup FRI 10 AM to 3 PM 

The building is more than 43,000-s/f under roof allowing for wide traffic isles and a floor plan with table layout designed for selling. For those vendors who want to rent four tables we have (18) 4 tables endcap booths (12) at the front of the high traffic main center isles. 

FREE Parking on site (394 parking spaces) 

 Traffic on Route 60 (four lane) in front of building exceeds 30,000 vehicles per day. 

$50.00 rent per 8-ft. table. Tables reserved on a first pay basis.  4 tables or more $40 per table.

The first 200 tables reserved offer exhibitors an (8-ft x 8-ft) pegboard panel behind each table for additional display space and FREE electric service at each table. 

Most 8-ft. tables at medium/large shows rent for $100/$125 that does not include the extra 8-ft x 8-ft pegboard display space and these shows charge an extra $30/$50 for electric service.

FREE Wi-Fi entire building for everyone.  

Dollar General and American Freight Discount Furniture are located in the same shopping center generating traffic of several hundred customers every day, seven day a week. 

How many gun shows do you exhibit/sell at each year? How many shows are in the same location, with the same table layout for each show? Very few if any, however a FirePower GUN Show is scheduled the first full three day weekend once a month creating and insuring consistency and reliability to customers and exhibitors who can plan on exhibiting/selling and attending a FirePower GUN Show at the same location every month. 

FirePower GUN Show
is located at 6400 MacCorkle Ave SW between South Charleston & Saint Albans WV; conveniently accessible from I-64, I-77, I-79 and Corridor G.

Hotel Accommodation
Dunbar Plaza Hotel    304-768-1000
1007 Dunbar Ave,   Dunbar WV 25064  (2.9 miles from show)
·       Free Wi-Fi; Free Parking; Pet Friendly
Special Rate to vendors / customers $42 plus tax